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Clearstone Medical Center: An Integrative Medical Clinic

Little Rock and North Little Rock Pain Management Specialists


How long have you been living with chronic pain? Living with chronic pain is exhausting. Whether you’re dealing with chronic knee, back, joint, or any other type of pain, it can feel like you’ll never live a normal life again. If you’ve tried various prescriptive medicines, surgeries, and physical therapies with little to no success, you’re not alone.

An estimated 50 million U.S. adults experience some form of chronic pain. What if there was a way to get long-term relief from your chronic pain that didn’t involve prescriptive drugs, surgery, and came with little  risks? What if thousands of people had already tried it with success? Would you try it?


Clearstone Medical Center

When it comes to pain management, Clearstone Medical Center offers patients a lasting solution. Clearstone Medical Center is a fully integrative medical clinic that targets and treats the source of chronic pain, rather than only focusing on the symptoms. We’re one of the only facilities in central Arkansas providing services in the new and exciting field of non-surgical, drugless, regenerative medicine therapy.


Integrative Medical Clinic

Integrative medicine takes into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. Appropriate use of both conventional and alternative medicine is used to facilitate the body’s healing response.

Team Approach

Multiple specialists working together on a problem yields the best chances of solving it. Our patients receive treatment from our team of specialists that share their findings and recommendations to create the best treatment plan for each patient and their unique challenges.


Conservative Management

Clearstone practitioners design treatment plans based on a thorough diagnosis. Often, for chronic pain, this means no surgery or prescriptive drugs, but a non-invasive approach that is considered “conservative” because it eliminates the high risks that come with surgery and prescription drugs.


Personalized Treatment

Integrative medicine demands personalized treatment for success. When you receive treatment at Clearstone, you actually spend time talking to and working with our specialists. Our practitioners invest in you and give you the time and attention needed for a successful outcome. 

Central Arkansas’ Leader in Physical & Regenerative Medicine

Clearstone Medical Center is much more than an ordinary medical office. Our integrated care model provides treatment across a variety of specialties. Our team of chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and massage therapists are dedicated to finding long term pain-free solutions for every patient. Every treatment plan is customized to fit your condition.