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Orange County Medical Courier

Orange County Medical Courier

Looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-work-with medical courier and messenger service? Well in such challenging times, who isn't?

MedEx is a leading medical courier and messenger service based in SoCal. The top of the line transportation system ensures the safest delivery of sensitive materials, documents, capital equipment, disposables, and medical instruments. The excellent services, affordable prices, and most importantly a guarantee of an on-time delivery make FedEx one of the best medical transportation in LosAngeles.

Being pioneers of medical transportation requires well-trained staff. This leads to all the MedEx drivers being HAZMAT trained and certified by OSHA with complete knowledge in all procedures and clean up protocols. Here’s a list of services being offered by MedEx.

1) Courier Service – Same Day Courier Delivery:

Highly trained medical couriers at MedEx deliver medical supplies and products to different medical facilities on regular basis. These deliveries include confidential reports, medical records, medical transcripts, X-rays, capital equipment, surgical trays, biologics, and lab supplies. Whether it is a single sheet of paper or a sophisticated medical equipment MedEx can deliver it all! Deliveries are made to all departments and individuals of the medical sector including but not limited to hospitals, labs, clinics, pharmacies, and research facilities. Fragility, perishability, and urgency to transport the equipment decide the vehicles be used for transportation. MedEx has proven itself to be extremely punctual in its deliveries and provides medical transportation services in LA and many other neighboring cities. P.S – MedEx values the privacy of its clients and throughout the process, a client’s privacy is heavily guarded.

2) Expert Medical Courier Services:

  • An emergency can arise at any time and the ongoing pandemic is an example of it. Therefore, medical services must be available at all hours. Keeping this in mind, MedEx courier service is always on the move. The service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. MedEx has always got your back when you are in a hurry to transport the medical equipment.

  • Medical equipment is an extremely sensitive item when it comes to transportation. Extreme care must be taken while the medical goods are being transported. Not only this but the client must always know where his package has reached. So, state-of-the-art technology ensures the safe transportation of sensitive packages. Moreover, the client is informed about the location of his package at every step of the journey.

3) Computerized Real-time Tracking:

The advanced technology comes into play for tracking the package from pickup to delivery. The digital tracking devices update the client regarding the package's current location at all times whereas GPS, digital bar codes, and scanners ensure complete confidentiality and privacy.

Computerized tracking is one of the reasons why MedEx is second to none for medical deliveries in Los Angeles.

4) Dependable Personnel:

MedEx does not hire any independent contractors at their faculties. Each employee undergoes rigorous training sessions, to educate them about technology, procedures, and ethics. This makes the employees ready for any situations in the course of their duty.

All the above-mentioned services come at very reasonable prices because medical facilities must not be held back for a few extra bucks. Whether it is non-emergency medical transportation or otherwise, you are bound to get a reasonable quote for the services. Contact MedEx, SoCal's best same-day delivery medical courier and messenger service: 424.269.1313

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